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Information Resources

Please find below a list of information resources and website links to many of the more common specialist areas in the financial services industry that arise.

Resources Subject Area

Federal and State Government Authorities, Departments and Agencies

Australian and International Stock Exchanges, Capital Raising Platforms

  • Australian Alternative Investment Market (AAIM) www.aaimx.com.au

  • ASX Australian Stock Exchange www.asx.com.au

  • SFX Sydney Futures Exchange www.sfe.com.au

  • BSX Bendigo Stock Exchange www.bsx.com.au

  • NSX Stock Exchange of Newcastle www.newsx.com.au

  • APX Australian Property Exchange

  • LSE London Stock Exchange

  • NYSE New York Stock Exchange

  • SEC Securities Exchange Commission

  • HKSE Hong Kong Stock Exchange

  • SGX Singapore Stock Exchange

Australian Financial Services Industry Bodies

Risk Management - Insurance (General & Personal) Information Resources

Managed Investments Information Resources

Superannuation Information Resources

Foreign Exchange Information Resources

News and Media Information Resources

Occupational Health and Safety Information Resources

State Occupational Health and Safety Information Sources

Retirement Village Information Resources