Recognition of Prior Learning

BOOKKEEPING EDUCATION is aware that many people working in the Bookkeeping and Financial Planning sector have gained the knowledge and skills from their previous experience.

In such cases, BOOKKEEPING EDUCATION will consider formally recognising this through a process known as (Recognition of Prior Learning) or simply RPL. If you would like to apply for RPL for a particular unit of study, then you must supply evidence of your prior skills and knowledge needed to achieve the standard of competency required.  In addition, you must also demonstrate the currency of  those skills and knowledge.

Briefly, the RPL process is as follows:

  1. Download the RPL application form from
  2. Complete and submit the following:
    1. RPL Application form
    2. Self-assessment for skills and knowledge
    3. Evidence of prior skills and knowledge
    4. Evidence of currency of prior skills and knowledge
    5. RPL application fee ($250 upfront, non-refundable, plus $50 per unit of competency, plus $100 per hour of RPL application assessment time by an BOOKKEEPING EDUCATION Assessor). There is no fee payable for RPL under the Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG) funding. There are no refunds applicable for RPL once the enrolment has been processed.
    6. Upon receipt of the abovementioned items, an interview will be arranged with you.
    7. Upon completion of the assessment of your RPL application, you will be advised of the outcome. The success of your application is not guaranteed.

If you cannot provide evidence of the currency of your skills and knowledge in your nominated units, depending upon the assessment of your application, you may be offered an “Assessment-Only RPL” wherein you can complete the assessment tasks for your nominated units from the comfort of your own home without the need to attend classes. In such a case you will not be provided any learning manuals and are encouraged to research various sources of regulations.

  • Start by reviewing the units of study in your chosen course.
  • Select the units you are comfortable with in terms of your knowledge and experience in.
  • Assessments for the specific units you nominate shall be sent to you
  • You will have 30 days to complete each unit selected
  • Marking of your submissions will occur within 4 days of submission
  • You shall be informed whether you have been assessed as “Competent” or “Not yet competent”
  • There are no opportunities to resubmit RPL assessments.
  • If you are marked competent, then you will receive a transcript of your results.

Credit Transfer

For credit transfer you must provide formal qualifications that may include certificates, Statements of Attainment and other forms of qualifications. Provided these documents have a corresponding unit code then credit transfer will be granted.

If competency for an old unit of study was previously achieved that is not part of the new Training Package course then Credit Transfer shall not be available. If you have any questions regarding the Recognition pathways available including the RPL Process or eligibility for Credit Transfer, please contact BOOKKEEPING EDUCATION by:

Email:               [email protected]

Free Call:          1300 669 786